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  1. Kez

    Last time I was there this photo was on the right hand wall as you face the gift shop exit by the door.And yep that is a vintage Mickey Mouse, we took a private guided tour of the studios last year and the guide pointed out lots of cool bits like this.

  2. Sven Winkels

    This Frame is from the Twilight Zone-Episode, shown in the library.
    The Puppet is, as almost everything in the hotel, a original from the 1930’s.
    As far as I know, this Mickey Mouse-Puppet is from 1939 and one of the very first Mickey Mouse Puppets ever made

  3. I also remember this as a clip shown before you go on the ride…

  4. Look for a set of 4 photos on the wall next to the exit of the boutique. They are images of the five persons missing in the Tower. – (From

  5. Cette histoire est vraiment bien et très interférente.

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