Beds for the Dwarves

Shhh!, they are sleeping. Not really. Here in the shop after Blanche Neige at les Sept Nains is a display of beds housing all the seven dwarves as plush. They have Doc, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, Dopey. Lets just check the bases of the beds.

Ahh! This one says Simplet. As we are in Disneyland Paris, all the dwarves are referred to in the french name.

Simplet – Dopey

Atchoum – Sneezy

Joyeux – Happy

Prof – Doc

Grincheux – Grumpy

Timide – Bashful

Dormeur – Sleepy

Thanks to Nicholas Carte for the photographs.

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  1. Milou

    Il y a également des chopes, accrochées sur une des poutres. Elles portent les 7 noms des 7 nains, mais en anglais cette fois !

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