Dr Bitz Dental School

On the right hand side of Main Street U.S.A. as you enter Disneyland Park, you can find the dental school. The school is ran by Dr Bitz.

In the left hand window you can see a list of Dr Bitz’ “dentist in training” (it actually says this under the canopy).

J. Burke, T. Delaney, T. Morris, E.Sotto and C. Tietz.

That would be five names. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something else in the park that related to five names. For example there are five lands here at the Disneyland Park. This is no coincidence.

J.Burke – Jeff Burke was the Imagineer in charge of developing Frontierland.
T.Delaney – Tim Delaney was the Show Producer for Discoveryland.
T.Morris – Tim Morris was the show producer for Fantasyland.
C.Tietz – Chris Tietz was the show producer for Adventureland.
E.Sotto – Eddie Sotto worked on Main Street U.S.A.
The slogan on the window ends up with “Our business is making you smile” and that they do.

Thanks to Bernard Mills for the photographs.

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  1. billy

    I just read something that says that if you pay attention you can hear noises coming from inside the building that can lead you to think that the dentist is using his pupils as guinea pigs

  2. Benji

    Billy is correct, if you hang around outside you can hear the dentist and his unfortunate patients 🙂

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