Geocaching at Disney

I’d often wondered what it would be like to be a pirate. Not so much the drinking of rum, but the finding of treasure.

Geocaching has been around for quite a while. The idea behind it is that a cache (item or “guestbook”) is hidden in a location. The hider then gives out GPS coordinates and a clue as to it’s location. Some are easy to find others are near impossible. When you have found it you sign a “guestbook” and record it on

It seemed a long shot that Disneyland Paris would have any of these as the security would easily clear them out. I was wrong there are a few hidden in the resort.

Some of the geocaches are more like quizes / fact pointers.

Below is a cache locator at the Lighthouse on Lake Disney.

Thanks to Google and for the information / images above.

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  1. Pete D

    Yea there are a few of these around but my thinking is also that what Disney owns at the moment is in a huge circle (minus Davy Crockett Ranch). Are they going to build more and make it into two more circles and make a giant hidden mickey? Just a thought.

    By the way keep up the great work with the website, this is my first post on here, however I have been coming on for years but thanks for the finds for me to look out for each time I go!!

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