Gusteau is present in the park

You can’t get more hidden than this!!

Toy Story Playland has recently opened and the rumours around the fan community talk about a Ratatouille themed ride. Disney officially haven’t said much. Although there is definite details on display to suggest that this is the direction they are going.

As you pass through the blue barrel of monkeys you come out the other end in an area themed like…. erm…. Paris? If you turn around and look back through the tunnel towards Toy Story Playland you will spot a ridiculously large key stone at the centre of the bridge. There is a little bit of stone foliage poking through either side. Strange? The key stone certainly doesn’t require these details, so there must be more to it.

And there is. The Key stone has been added after the original sculpting took place. Below we can see that the bridge has a stone bust of Gusteau from Ratatouille. He is holding his “crossed pans” like in most publicity shots. The stone foliage protrudes from either side. Does Disneyland Paris still deny the Ratatouille themed ride?

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  1. Emma

    How can they be denying it now considering they are just waiting for planning permission and the go ahead to build the ride.

  2. brandon anderson

    i didn’t see this when was it made

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