Little Girl Lost

On the upper walkway through the boiler room, next to the warning signs you will find this curious bit of Graffiti.

This is reference to the “Little Girl Lost” episode of the twilight zone.

The chalk marks were drawn on the walk to try and locate where the portal to the fourth Dimension was. Just like in the show there is a girl stuck on the other side. Every so often if you listen carefully you may be able to hear her calling out.

Thanks to MagicMartin and GemGoth for the photos.

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  1. ..and when you’re able to hear her calling for her mother, you’ll find out it is ‘Carol Anne’ from Spielberg’s ‘Poltergeist’

  2. .. when you hear the little girl calling for her mom, you’re listening to soundbits from Spielberg’s Poltergeist…

  3. Enya

    I remember standing in line there once and hearing her. It was the creepiest thing ever!

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