Referencing Disney’s True Life Adventures.

Before you enter into Adventureland you pass underneath an archway with an arabian theme. The tiled front, gives the land behind a title “Adventureland”. It also has a couple of hidden references.

Either side of the arch are golden compasses. The compass has a map of the world inside,  but focussing on the side with the United States facing forward. The detail by itself makes sense, as adventurers would use a compass.

It’s only when you compare it to the logo used in “Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures” that you get that “Aah!” moment. Here is a modern up to date version, while below there is the original logo.

Thanks to Flounder for the use of the photo above.

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  1. If you’re REALLY a fan of this series, there’s a must see. The globe from the opening sequence is on display at the Walt Disney Family Museum. At some point it was discarded by the studio, but pulled from the dumpster by a savvy employee. It eventually found its way to the family and is now on display in the atrium.

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