The Boot Hill Food Chain

At the rear end of Boot Hill, next to the exit of Phantom Manor, you can find this collection of grave stones. As with nearly all the details that we mention here at, they tell a story. Viewing from left to Right we can see graves for a Squirrel – Breafast Time, A Cat – Lunch Time, A Trapper – Dinner Time and a Mountain Lion.

This set of stones can be read as two stories. Version one is that the Cat ate the Squirrel.

The Trapper ate the Cat

And the Mountain Lion ate the Trapper.

The alternative story would simply be that the Mountain Lion ate each of then at different times of the day.

“November 13 1885 – Hibernating in Happiness after years of hearty hunting”. I’d also like to point out that the Lion died 20 years after the previous three.

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