The Classical music of Fantasia

Music is a heavy influence here in the Fantasia Bar at the Disneyland Hotel. Every wall is coated in fantasia / musical references. There are photographs of Walt lying down reading sheet music. Cells from the Fantasia animation.

Another very much in your face musical installation is the wall paper. The wall paper is top to bottom musical staves. I contacted a friend Adam Goodger from to double-check this, but we both drew a blank. While usually Disney imagineers would have created something that is factual, we couldn’t work out the what the musical notes translate into. Obviously, if you do know what it is let us know. Could it be that the decorator didn’t line it up correctly? In theory it should be one of the tracks used in the original Fantasia.

Thanks to Castle Club Kid for the photographs.

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  1. Hi,

    A friend of mine has found what it is (in a quarter of second, he told me!) :
    It’s the first movement of the Symphony No. 6 (Pastoral Symphony) composed by Beethoven. This movement is used in Fantasia, as you expected.

    Thanks for this beautiful and magical Website that helps me discover some unknown details of the Resort.


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