The Magic for Sleeping Beauty

In La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant you’ll find tapestries telling the story of Sleeping Beauty.

The walkthrough attraction is easily over looked or missed. This is a shame if you are a Disney detail hunter, as there are so many hidden details to find up here.

Below you can see the tapestry telling the part of the story where “Sleeping Beauty” has pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and has fallen into her deep sleep. The spinning wheel is in the foreground and spinning.

If you hang around this piece long enough you will also see that the magic of the spell reveals itself. One of the many subtle details hidden in the gallery.

Thanks to Castle Club Kid for the photographs

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  1. Milou

    Sur la première photo, on voit un vitrail : il représente deux colombes, qui se transforment en une rose, assez rapidement 🙂

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