The Woodsman’s Axe

In front of Blanche Neige at les Sept Nains, just next to the stoller park for the attraction you’ll see many low fences with shrubbery around. In the centre of one you’ll spot this hidden detail.

This by it’s self does bring up some questions. Is it supposed to be one of the dwarfs axes? or does it belong to a woodsman?
I recently watched the animated feature film and saw that the evil queen sent a hunter to kill Snow White. He lunged at her with a knife before resisting the kill. Yet when you look into the original fairy tale, the chosen assassin was a woodsman. So until I have further confirmation, I can only assume that this is a nod towards the original tale.

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  1. I love little details like this!

  2. Tron

    Auch im original Märchen war es ein Jäger:

    “Da rief sie einen Jäger und sprach ‘bring das Kind hinaus in den Wald, ich wills nicht mehr vor meinen Augen sehen. Du sollst es töten und mir Lunge und Leber zum Wahrzeichen mitbringen.'”

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