There is something under the castle!

In the ground level of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle are 2 shops, one on the right and one on the left. On the left you will find Merlin L’Enchanteur. A shop full of curios. Crystals, glass and trinkets, tankards, dragons and figurines. Personally I find this shop to be a little different from the others in the park. It feels a lot more dark and gothic. A reason that I’m sure isn’t the one I’m about to release.

In the corner of the shop is a doorway. The Door itself could easily be over looked as a guest cold assume it is out of bounds. At Disneyland Paris the rule is unless there is rope preventing you, the path is clear. As you creep down the stone stairway into a darkened underground you can start to hear rumblings and noises like breathing. Be careful as this route is very dark.

You have stepped down into the dragon’s Lair and will now be staring at one of Disney’s most advanced animatronics (at the time). Of course this isn’t the only route to the lair, but I like it as it feels like exploration in someones basement.

Thanks to Dave was Baloo for the photographs

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