UFO spotted!

Welcome to the Hotel Santa Fe. Just like all Disney Hotels that are on site, there is an abundance of details extras.

The hotels features everything you’d expect from a budget hotel. Beds, Restaurant, Bar, Children’s Play area, U.F.O!  UFO!

Yes that’s right, a sharp eyed visitor will find this bright shiny UFO that’s crash landed into the road edge.

Every unexpected detail installation here at Hotel Santa Fe is accompanied by a plaque to explain what your looking at and why. Surely it’s enough just to have found it!

The Plaque reads

Indians and Pioneers of the Southwest told stories of places where mysterious glowing lights appeared in the desert sky at night. This UFO was recently found at one of those sites, and like most legends, it’s origin remains a mystery”

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  1. leannej

    Is the UFO still there now they’ve redeveloped that hotel and made it a Cars theme? I stayed in the Santa Fe on my very first visit back in 97, and found the UFO by accident – quite a charming detail! When I was staying at the Sequoia last Christmas it was my boyfriend’s first ever visit, so I took him around to see the hidden details but couldn’t find the UFO at the Santa Fe 🙁

  2. leannej

    Btw I loved that this UFO was lit up, quite spookily, at night 😀

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