Welcome back to HiddenDLRP.com

It’s been a long time since I go to update this site and I feel that I should explain what has happened.

When I started HiddenDLRP.com I had plenty of free time. After the first year of keeping the site fresh and up to date, my daughter grew up and demanded my time. I am lucky enough to be now blessed with 2 daughters, who both love Disney (or the WILL love Disney). So that is my excuse number 1.

Excuse number 2. Around the middle of November 2010, I set up a project with 24+ other Disney podcasters called MouseVent.

MouseVent was to be an audio Advent calendar for Disney fans. But as most of my plans it became last minute. The podcasters were on board, the audio was being recorded, the site was up…. then it was down. Some one had hacked my hosting account and basically froze all my sites. The fastest solution was to delete HiddenDLRP.com.

So that brings us up to date sort of. WordPress (which is the basis of the site) has also enabled a feature which makes updating HiddenDLRP.com a lot easier. So fingers crossed we are back on track.

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