Was sind Hidden Mickeys?

Hidden Mickeys can be found around all the Disney resorts. Although there has never been an official list of Hidden Mickeys there are quite a few websites and books dedicated to the hunting of them.

Originally the “Hidden Mickey” started out as an insiders joke. While imagineers were building attractions, the placement of 3 overlapping circles would give a generous nod to the mouse that started it all.

There are many rules in defining what is a hidden Mickey and there are a few different styles of them too. The Classic one is based upon 3 overlapping circles. One large circle forms Mickey’s head, while 2 smaller ones are his ears.

Through the resort you will also find Hidden Mickeys that are Mickey Mouse’s side profile or silhouette.

Our rules for publishing Hidden Mickeys are quite relaxed and we do not have an exact calculation for ear to head ratio. If it looks like one, submit it!!