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  1. This is not exactly what I would call a Mistake. Walt Disney himself often used the “Magic Kingdom” term when he talked about Disneyland. When Walt Disney World Resort was open in Florida, the official name of the park was Walt Disney World, but since the begining everyone called it The Magic Kingdom. When Epcot was open, they started to use the term “Magic Kingdom” in publicity and brochures because now Walt Disney World had two parks and they had to avoid confusion for people who may think that Epcot was not a Disney park, but it wasn’t until the beginning of the nineties that the park officially and legally received the name of “The Magic Kingdom”. So it’s not a mistake, it’s just the term that Walt used when he talked about Disneyland.

  2. Ryan

    Aladar’s comment is correct. But also, I’d to point out another way in which it is not a mistake. Because very early on, before the park was opened and complete, the park was to be known as the Magic Kingdom Park and the resort just known as Euro Disneyland. Imagineers and and executives referred to the main park as the Magic Kingdom Park during planning and partly during construction.

  3. admin

    Two very valid points. I just find it strange that this sign is installed on the train station that is / was labeled up as EDRR (Euro Disneyland Rail Road).

    All input is greatly appreciated on this site.

  4. Kieran Ward

    It’s true, up until recently even Disneyland Park in California still officially went by the moniker “the Magic Kingdom”.

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