The back end of the Hyperion!!

OK! I know this doesn’t sound like the most interesting post on the site, but it does illustrate a major point.

Here at Café Hyperion you will meet it’s title icon before you see the doors. The Café is named after the airship from the Disney film “The Island at the Top of the World”. The detailing is second to none on this standing model. The front half of the ship seems to be tethered by a string of flags. Now this for me isn’t the interesting part.

For me I love the fact that they have the rear end of the ship inside the building. The Imagineers could have saved time and money by only building half a ship. After all would we the guests have noticed or questioned it. When you see a moose head on the wall hung as a hunting prize, you don;t expect the rear end on the other side of the wall.

But the part that seals this for me is the poor seal!

Look around the balloon part of the ship where it leaves the building. This gap shows that the hyperion is not two halves, but in fact one whole airship. The airship was installed before the glazing partition was installed to fill in the void.

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  1. Darren

    The name ship’s name Hyperion is a reference to the Low Angeles street that the Disney Studio was formerly located.
    The airship itself similar in design, but not an exact copy of the airship in the film “The Island at the Top of the World”. The design was copyrighted by Tim Delaney 20 years after the film’s release (illustrations can be found on Google’s Patent search engine).
    Unfortunately, the film was a commercial failure and the proposed Discovery Bay section of Disneyland was never built. Discoveryland contains many elements originally slated for D.Bay.

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