Please come closer…. Too Close.

Aah! Salam and good evening to you worthy friends. Please! Please come closer! Too close.

Here we are at Adventureland. Well the entrance to it anyway. We’ve pointed out the compass logo on a previous post, but there is more to see on the same arch. Some times you just need to look even closer.

On the 2 bottom corners of either side of the the title mosaic. There is a dark blue triangle containing a golden circle. The circle contains what appears to be a symbol. I guess you could say it was a symbol, but it actually represents WDI or Walt Disney Imagineering.

The craftsmen and creative team at Disney often leave little autographs like this around (the whole point of this site really) and here they have signed their work for all to see. A sign that they are proud of some good work.

Thanks to Flounder for the use of the bottom photograph.

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