Meet the Team

As you can imagine there is a lot of work that goes into keeping this site up to date. What you the reader finds on the site is not just a 5 minute piece of work. Even though the textual description may be brief there as a lot of time goes in behind the scenes. So I felt it was time to credit the people that are working behind the scenes to keep where it is today.


First of all I have to thank YOU the visitor. Without site visitors there would be no reason to keep this project going.Secondly I’d like to thank YOU the submitter. Since was launched we have received tonnes of emails with photographs and hidden finds. Again with out these we would only be able to create a project with about half the amount of findings.

Alan Hooper

I started this project about 3 years ago and was amazed by the amount of interest in this sort of information. Unfortunately do to “technical” reasons we had to start from the beginning again. My main role in this project is to make sure that everything falls into place and I keep on top of everything. The idea is to release one post every day for a long long time.

Luke Breeno

Luke has offered his services and expertise with helping out creating site update and helping out with the social media aspect. Last time when the site existed, Twitter and Facebook were not as powerful for marketing of Websites as they are now. You can follow us on twitter by looking for @HiddenDLRP

Daniel Sil

Daniel Sil, was part of the project last time around too. He has offered to translate the whole website into Portuguese. The bonus of an actual written translation is that the reader will be able to understand everything written and hopefully it won’t be out of context.

Marcel de Neidels

Again Marcel was part of the team the first time around. His area of expertise is photography of finds and translating the site into German. Just like in Daniel’s role this opens up the website to a much larger audience.

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