Eclectic selection of chairs

Here at the cottonwood Creek, Cowboy Cookout you’re welcome to join us and enjoy a hearty feast. The only thing we ask is can you bring a chair!

That’s right, the back story here is that the owner couldn’t afford to kit out the place with a full set of furniture. So he encouraged all visitors to bring a chair. As a result of this you will notice that there are very few matching sets. The photo below shows a range of styles in one view.

Thanks to Castle Club Kid for the photos.

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  1. Philip Smith

    I looked at this post in the expectation of seeing a hidden mickey. you can imagine my sense off utter disgust as i saw this post is about mismatched chairs. Had i of wanted to look at mismatched Disney chairs i would of looked at I am an avid fan of your site and hope to see more hidden mickeys (no matter how obscure) in the very near future I understand you were in the Teeside area today was there not plenty of opportunity to photograph mismatch chairs there?

  2. It’s amazing all the backstory’s that are around Disneyland Paris..apparently everything does it’s just a matter of finding them! I find it very clever that the imagineering team take the time to think of a story for’s genius!

  3. James Harry

    Philip – how can you have utter disgust? It is not pornographic or offensive.
    To say you were “disappointed” would have been kinder. But your posting is so rude to the great people at Hidden DLRP which surprises me as you describe yourself as such an avid fan.
    I found it really interesting that all the chairs are mismatched not because Disney couldn’t afford it but because it deliberately enhances the story of cookouts in frontier times where customers were invited to bring along their own chair. I look forward to going there to see for myself next time I go.
    BTW this brilliant site is not just about hidden mickeys. It is about hidden things to discover at Disneyland Resort Paris. The clue is there in the title.

  4. Lewis W

    There are two spelling errors in the first sentence of this post – “your” should be “you’re” and “as” should be “ask” 🙂

  5. admin

    Errors are now corrected. Thanks for spotting them.

  6. Devanna

    I always loved this little chair fact!
    But I think this restaurant is based on the tradition in the ‘wild west’ to bring your own chair to a ‘cookout’
    (old time bbq party).
    So it is not just made up by Disney, it’s an actual historic fact 🙂

  7. Milan

    Nice story, thanks for sharing, hope to read more of such articles!

  8. Pieter

    This was a slaughter house. At the end when it was closed the owner want a big party and everybody from the town brought huis own chair with them. That’s the reason why there are different chairs and tables.

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