A Vintage Hidden Mickey

Have you ever spotted this framed photograph?

I’ll be honest here, I can’t remember where it is exactly bar the Tower of Terror. (help me please!)

The photograph shows a family, including a nanny with a bellhop in the fated lift. These of course are the characters that you see on in the attraction. The interesting part is what the little girl is holding onto.

That stuffed toy the girl is gripping onto looks very much like a vintage Mickey Mouse.


Thanks to Dave Bonehill for the photographs.Alguma vez reparaste nesta fotografia?

Vou ser sincero, não me lembro ao certo de onde a podes encontrar na Torre do Terror (ajuda!)

Esta fotografia mostra uma família, incluindo uma ama, com o bagageiro no elevador. Estes são, obviamente os personagens que vês na atracção. A parte interessante é o que a miúda está a segurar.

O peluche que a miúda agarra com tanta força parece mesmo ser um Rato Mickey Clássico.


Obrigado ao Dave Bonehill pelas fotografias.

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  1. Kez

    Last time I was there this photo was on the right hand wall as you face the gift shop exit by the door.And yep that is a vintage Mickey Mouse, we took a private guided tour of the studios last year and the guide pointed out lots of cool bits like this.

  2. Sven Winkels

    This Frame is from the Twilight Zone-Episode, shown in the library.
    The Puppet is, as almost everything in the hotel, a original from the 1930’s.
    As far as I know, this Mickey Mouse-Puppet is from 1939 and one of the very first Mickey Mouse Puppets ever made

  3. I also remember this as a clip shown before you go on the ride…

  4. Look for a set of 4 photos on the wall next to the exit of the boutique. They are images of the five persons missing in the Tower. – (From Dlrpphotos.com)

  5. Cette histoire est vraiment bien et très interférente.

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