Don’t let the staff handle the money!

The time setting of Main Street’s Emporium is in the 1900’s. Obviously that is just the theme that is overlaid and not the role play too.

What I mean by this is that you are buying modern day items with modern day currency and facilities (chip and pin). In the UK there is an open air Museum called Beamish, which is themed and role played of that time period. One of the main working items in their shop is also installed in the Emporium.

Around the ceiling of the shop you will see cages and tracks snaking around. When the tracks were in operation the counter staff would write a receipt take your payment and bundle it into a capsule / ball. Hoist it up onto the track to where it would roll around the system and end up in the cashiers office. The Cashier would check the receipt and issue the correct change, load it back into the ball and roll it back to the counter. Obviously back in the day the counter staff weren’t to be trusted with money. Either their fingers were sticky or their mathematics may have let them down.


Thanks to Castle Club Kid for the photographs.


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  1. It’s a petty the system isn’t working. I suggest it would be great to see some mechanics at DLP on a more regular basis…

  2. Lewis W

    I totally agree with Joost here! I’d love to see more of the rides behind the scenes too – video footage online is very rare. But yeah, I love that mechanical system in that shop 🙂

  3. Tom L

    I worked at Beamish and the lamson trap system as it know doesn’t handle money anymore they you solid balls to ensure they don’t break.

  4. Tom L

    and it wasn’t that they were trusted they just didn’t think the cashiers or money could count.

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