Old Joe the Fisherman

Climb aboard the Molly Brown for a trip around the Rivers of the Far West. The journey last about 15 Minutes and along your way you will meet some of the residents.

Today we find Old Joe. Joe has been around since the opening of the park, but he has had a break from his main hobby. Old Joe originally was always fishing. He would sit in his Rocking Chair, eyes closed while he waited for a bite.

Today he is taking a break from Fishing his rod is standing up by the door, while the worms box is simply a foot rest.

It has been said that Old Joe is a copy of an animatronic form the Original Pirates of the Caribbean in Anaheim. I’ll admit I struggled to find the correct pirate, but I think I have found him. Check below.

Eye brows and beard are different, but the face shape is spot on.

Image © Disney

Thanks to Castle Club Kid for all other Photographs.

******* UPDATE ************

This is a shot from the beginning of the attraction. Could this one be Joe?

Thanks to Castle Club Kid for the update.

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  1. I wonder...

    Hi, yes this is the same guy, because the pirate in the ride is on a fishing hut as well, playing the harmonica.

  2. Fantastic Fiona

    Wow! It’s the same animatronic! (Well … you know what I mean). And I didn’t notice he’d been breaking from fishing, definitely something to look for when I go in July.

  3. well i recon they have swopped the dummies around, this one looks like his hand used to hold a fishing rod and was probably by the lake once, now they have moved him indoors and put the pirate one outdoors…. what do you think?

  4. John McCluskey

    The black and white photo is the AA figure that is first in the line up of rope tied hostages in the scene where the pirates are dunking the mayor in the well to make him talk. It’s in the sketch Marc Davis is holding. The other isn’t a pirate at all but an old Cajun man on his porch in the bayous of Louisianna where the original Anaheim version of the story begins, It was common for Disney Imagineers to use the same face molds with different hair details for another character. The dueling men in the Anaheim Haunted Mansion ballroom for example are recognizable pirate characters from POTC.

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