Remembering the past

Through out Disneyland Resort Paris are memories about when the park first opened. Some have simply been over looked, while others would cost to much to change.

Here is one of those memories. Back in April 1992 when Euro Disney opened, the electrical service covers on the lamposts showed off their (then) new logo and name. Unfortunately since then Euro Disney has changed it’s name several times ending up (at time of writing) to Disneyland Paris. These lamposts however are still branded up with the original covers.

Por toda a Disneyland Resort Paris há memórias de quando o parque abriu pela primeira vez. Algumas foram simplesmente deixadas, enquanto que outras custam muito a ser alteradas.

Aqui está uma dessas memórias. De volta a Abril de 1992, quando a Euro Disney abriu, o serviço eléctrico cobria os candeeiros de rua mostrando o seu logótipo. Infelizmente, a Euro Disney mudou de nome várias vezes acabando por ficar (à data desta publicação) Disneyland Paris. Estes candeeiros, no entanto ainda têm os desenhos originais.

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  1. Joe Soap

    Where in the park can we find these?

  2. Sil

    I think that in the background I can see something from Disney Village that I can’t recall, so I’m saying this is near Lake Disney but I’m not sure!

    EDIT:Yup, it is in Lake Disney. Checked by myself in my last trip

  3. brandon


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