The Blue and Pink knights

Back in La Galerie a la Belle au Bois Dormant we have another find. This one is two fold!!

Standing in front of the tapestry showing the kingdom asleep, stand two knights. I mean slump two knights.
Both of these knights are asleep and snoring which is a great tie in to the artwork on the wall behind. If you stand in front of this tapestry you will be able to hear the knights clearly snoring.

The added element is shown up here on the second photo.
The knight on the left is a Blue knight, while the one on the right is a pink knight. This is a nod to the scenes in the animation where the fairies can’t decide upon which colour Aurora’s dress should be. In the dimly lit gallery this will probably be quite hard to spot, but under the illumination of flash photography it is an excellent find.

Thanks to Castle Club Kid for the photographs

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