The Cheshire Cat is more than a smile.

Beaming from behind the lines of hedges, the Cheshire Cat can be seen even when not in this attraction. So you weave your way through the maze and dodge water squirting and the Queen of hearts trying to behead you. The best hidden details can’t actually be seen from ground level. To be fair the best way to see them is from Google’s eye in the sky.

The image below shows that the Cheshire cat is more than just a head and smile. The shrubbery attached to him clearly defines his striped body.

What’s more (as an added little bonus) the part of the labyrinth that spirals around is supposed to depict a rose.

Images © Google

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  1. Do i see a hidden mickey there? You have these six balls in this pictur, mickey’s head is almost up side down.. Do you see it?

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