A tail wind?

This find is the funniest hidden, bizarre joke that I’ve seen at Disneyland Paris. All credit to the find has to go to Joost at DisneyGraphy.com. It is such a strange find that you would only spot this if you really knew what you were looking for. This site is all about sharing and sharing with you that knowledge.

When you descend down into the loading station on Space Mountain. Just before you go down the stairs look behind you at the Baltimore Gun Club logo. In the center is a large cannon and a banner with a slogan across the bottom. The Slogan reads “AD LUNA IN FLATULA GLORIA”.

Nothing too strange until you realise that the slogan is wrong. The correct quote from Jules Vernes novel should read “ad luna in FLAMA gloria”. The correct version is latin for “To the moon in a blaze of glory”. A truly heroic tag line.
Unfortunately Flatula isn’t latin for anything. The urban dictionary does however have some definitions.

according to the Urban Dictionary:


  1. An anatomical structure specific to colon-dwelling bacteria, which allows it to propel itself by ejecting methane at high velocities.
  2. A gassy vampire.

So the new slogan literally translated means “To the moon in a fart of glory!”

Thanks to Disneygraphy.com for the photographs.

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  1. brandon


  2. Little Miss Disney

    Three words. L. O. L.

  3. leannej

    Oh please let that still be there 😀 I was there last Christmas but didn’t notice that!

  4. Darren

    One of my favorite details of Discoveryland is the raised DM lettering that can be seen on the signs for Space Mountain. Space Mountain was originally to be named “Discovery Mountain”, but marketing made the decision that utilizing the established brand name Space Mountain would have instant appeal to guests familiar with Space Mountain.
    The decision to change the name came after the signeage was fabricated.
    The original Discovery Mountain design called for a complex of attractions, restaurants and shops enclosed in a glass mountain. Of course the design change was the result of Eisnerian budgetary cuts.

  5. Paul

    Space Mountain was closed for most of 2017 for refurbishment but I can confirm that in December when it re-opened the Baltimore Gun Club sign was still there. It is very hard to notice because as the you move towards the ride down the stairs it is actually behind you. We had to wait in the final boarding ares for about 40 minutes so I noticed the sign. And I got a picture.

    However, here’s the thing. In the room at the top of the stairs just before you descend into the loading area there is an almost identical poster for the “Boston Gun Club” and it has the logo “Ad Luna In Flamma Gloria”. Pure class!

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