Timing is everything.

Timing is everything with this Hidden Mickey. The Clock tower on City Hall intrigued me on my last visit. I often thought that if the timing was correct could the circles on the clock’s hands form a Hidden Mickey.

Here is a close up showing what I hoped would happen.

Thanks to Sil for the photographs.O tempo é o mais importante neste Mickey Escondido. O relógio na torre do City Hall intrigou-me na minha última visita. Sempre me interroguei se os ponteiros não formariam um Mickey Escondido a umas determinadas horas do dia.

Aqui está o que sempre desejei ver.

Obrigado ao Sil pelas fotografias.

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  1. Goovi

    I must admit that I do not think this is a hidden mickey: The “ears” have to be connected to the “head” in the right proportion. And this is not the case.

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