Pyewacket Cruise lines

As you walk along main street, you may notice that nearly every window has an advert / graphics in it.

Towards the beginning of main street, as you enter the park, is Ribbons and Bows hat shop. On the first floor over looking the park enterance is a window advertising Pyewacket Cruise Lines.

The window’s graphics are Blue and Gold, reading

“Pyewacket Cruise Lines”

“For a day you will Treasure, Book a Cruise That’s a “Pleasure”

“Capt. Roy E. Disney”

Roy E. Disney was Walt Disney’s nephew and featured a major role in the history of the “modern” Disney company. Fighting hard to keep the animation department open and campaigning to oust Michael Eisner from the Walt Disney Company.

Outside of the studios Roy was a keen sailor and competed several time in the Transpac (Trans pacific yacht race). His yacht was called the “Pyewacket” a name which he carried on through several yachts. Below is a photograph of Roy E Disney at the  right hand wheel of the Pyewacket.

Sadly Roy passed away on December 16th 2009 after suffering from stomach cancer for a year. His death occurred 43 years and one day after his Uncle Walt Disney had died also of Cancer.

R.I.P. Roy E. Disney
January 10, 1930 – December 16, 2009

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